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Here, you will experience the depth of Aurélie V. Saint-Pierre's books, her blog on spirituality, reincarnation and her move to Mexico City.

Aurélie's latest book, "Etre femme, etre Dieu" is an hymn to women, as she explores reincarnation and what it means to be a woman depending on where one is born and at what period of time.

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Discover Aurélie's latest novel, "Etre femme, Etre Dieu" and dive into Zi's different lives and witness as she experiences karma, life lessons, and hold your breath as you wait to find out if she recognizes her soul mates...

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Discover Aurélie's poetry book: Traversée vers le bonheur...

"Traversée vers le bonheur" means journey towards happiness. The author's poetry is about life, loss, love, defeats and triumphs. It's about navigating this experience called life while pursuing happiness. 

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Aurélie has been writing since the age of 10.